Kick-off Meeting Rotterdam April 22-25th 2024

We are excited to announce the kick-off meeting of the Cerebellum Brain Charts for Development and Ageing project. The meeting will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands from April 22nd to 25th, 2024. and be hosted by the Erasmus University Medical Center.

Important information

A google drive with useful information can be found here


Please contact Ryan Muetzel ( or Mascha Joustra ( if you have any questions


Day 1 & 2 : April 22nd - April 23nd

The first two days will be dedicated to talks from collaborators and invited speakers, who will highlight the key challenges and opportunities in the field, mainly from a clinical perspective. The workshop will be highly interactive, providing ample of opportunities for discussion possible collaborative project.

Monday (April 22, 2023):

Location: Erasmus MC Educational Center OWR23

9:00 - Arrival / Coffee & Tea

Part I: Introduction & Aim (morning program)

9:30 - Introduction to the workshop / project

     Joern Diedrichsen, Ryan Muetzel & Andre Marquand

9:45 - Raynor Cerebellar Project Board: Introduction to the Raynor Cerebellum Project

     Adam Hantman, Roy Sillitoe, Stephen Lisberger

Part II: A look at the status of cerebellar neuroimaging and growth models

10:00 - Data-driven decomposition of cerebellar grey matter maps reveals highly reproducible structural covariance patterns.

     Torgeir Moberget

10:30 - Mapping Cerebellar Anatomical Heterogeneity in Mental and Neurological Illnesses.

     [Millin Kim]

10:50 - Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Principled Heterogeneity Mapping

     Thomas Wolfers

11:10 - Break - Coffee & Tea

11:30 - Discussion

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Navigating the cerebellum: Localizing functional regions using fMRI

     Caroline Nettekoven

13:30 - Discussion

Part III: Clinical Perspectives in Adult Cerebellar Disorders (afternoon program)

13:50 - Can neuroimaging serve trial readiness in cerebellar ataxias?

     Bart van de Warrenburg

14:10 - Discussion

14:30: - Automated cerebellar segmentation: Volumetric readouts for individual trajectories and perspectives at 7T

***Virtual Session Via MS Teams: Join Here

     Jennifer Faber

15:00 - Discussion

15:20 - Break - Coffee & Tea

15:40 - Structural MRI of the cerebellar nuclei in health and disease (ataxias)

     Dagmar Timann & Andreas Diestung

16:10 - Discussion

16:30 - Concluding Remarks / Wrap-up

18:00 - Workshop Dinner with speakers

Tuesday (April 23, 2023):

Location: Bilderberg Hotel Rotterdam

Part IV: Childhood and adolescent cerebellar imaging

9:45 - Arrival / Coffee & Tea

10:15 - The multifaceted cerebellum: early-life development, evolution, and large-scale meta-analyses

     Sofie Valk, Aikaterina Manoli, and Neville Magielse

11:25 - Discussion

11:45 - Wrap up Morning*

12:00 - Lunch (Bilderburg)

13:00 - Child and Adolescent cerebellar development: a population-based perspective

     Carolin Gaiser

13:30 - Discussion

Part Va: Neonatal imaging and developement

13:45 - Injury and Imaging of the neonatal cerebellum

     Jeroen Dudink & Manon Benders

14:15 - Discussion

14:30 - Break - Coffee & Tea

14:45 Open discussion on collaborative projects

17:00 Walking Dinner / Buffet

Part Vb: Virtual Evening Session on Neonatal Imaging

***Virtual Session Via MS Teams: Join Here

18:00 - 19:30      Steve Miller, Jessie Guo

Day 3 & 4: April 24th - April 25th: Core Team Project Meeting

Location: Erasmus MC KJPP 2814

The second two days are reserved for the core development team to perform a requirements analysis, make decision on project design, build work-groups, and set concrete goals and milestones.

Hotel: The Bilderberg

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